Did Someone Block you On Instagram? How to Find Out?

Have you ever wanted to know who blocked you on Instagram? Or even wondered whether it is possible to know it? Yes, there are options available to know whether you have been blocked or not. 

Blocking is a simple feature available on Instagram for everyone and you don’t have to be worried about it.

How to discover who blocked you on Instagram? The process is not straightforward, but you can still find out.

Come let’s dig in!

What Happens When Someone Blocks You?

On Instagram, under ‘Blocked accounts’ you can see the list of people you’ve blocked, but there is a section as ‘Accounts who blocked me. Unless you check yourself, you will never know who blocked you. Because Instagram will not send notifications. Also, there is no official way to find it out. The only way is to check by yourself. 

Blocking is not always the reason

When a user’s activity is dropped in your account, it doesn’t always mean that they have blocked you. There are certainly other reasons why activity decreases.

That includes

  • They have not posted in a while
  • They aren’t active in any social media 
  • Deactivated their account for a while
  • Permanently removed their account

Don’t come to a conclusion that you’ve been barred before going through the above reasons.

How to Find Out If You’ve Been Blocked?

If you are doubting that a friend or an Instagram connection has blocked you on Instagram, you can confirm that in many ways. 

  1. Search for their profile

In the Instagram app, go to the Search option and type their username. If the expected account doesn’t show up in the search results, there are two possible reasons. One is they may have blocked you and another reason is they may have deleted or if their account is in an inactive status.

Other possibilities include they may have removed you from the followers and switched to a private account or changed their Instagram username.

But, if you can see posts, followers, and following lists count, but not the posts, it means they have blocked you. 

  1. Checking through your DMs

Even if the individual blocks you on Instagram, your previous messages will still be there. It will stop you from sending any messages further. 

Go to the user’s chat and try sending a message. If he/she has barred you, your messages won’t be delivered to them.

  1. Visit their profile on the Web

Enter the username in any desktop browser. If you can see the profile on the web but not in the app, it means you’ve been barred by that person. If you cannot see the account on the web, they may have deleted their account. 

  1. Check the post interactions 

Try opening a post that they have commented on your profile. Now, click on the username or profile picture to go to their account. If the profile shows, ‘No posts’, they have blocked you. The ‘User Not Found’ means they have either blocked you or deleted/deactivated their account. 

  1. Checking from another account

By checking from another account, you can confirm whether the account blocked you exists. Share the person’s account with your friend to see if it appears in their search results. If it doesn’t appear, then it means they have deactivated their account. If it appears on their profile, then you’ve been barred. 

  1. Search in Instagram group chats

If you and the other person you are looking for are in the same group, you can check them through group chats. Their profile will appear in the group members list. If you can’t access their profile, they may have blocked you. 

  1. Follow the account

Hit the ‘follow;’ button, when you see their profile with ‘no posts yet’. 

If you can follow them straightly, it means there has been a glitch. If you can’t follow the account, it means they have blocked you. 

How will I know whether someone deleted or blocked my account?

Sometimes you may have believed that somebody blocked you but the truth would be, that their account has been deleted or deactivated. So you might wonder how to differentiate things?

If their account has been deleted or deactivated, their profile won’t come up in the search results. Even if you paste the profile’s URL into the web browser, an error message will appear. That means the account does not exist. Accounts that blocked you will show ‘no posts yet’ in their profile even though you can still view their post count on the top. 


Knowing whether you’ve been blocked or not will actually relieve you from the questions that you’ve been asking yourself. When you know someone blocked you and refuses to unblock you, then you should respect their decision.

Using the methods given in this article, you can find who blocked you but why is open to question.

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