Welcome back, Blogger!

Sometimes people say that law school is hard. And takes up a lot of your time.

They’re right.

Dear devoted readers and fans,
I’m back. I know, I know; what I did was wrong. I should never have abandoned you in such a manner, ditching you for intimate nights alone with my copy of the Uniform Commercial Code, trying to decipher, well, any of it. What I did was wrong, but I want to make it up to you.

You see, law school is hard and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean I love cooking any less. In fact, I think it means I love cooking more. Now, law student-style, I’m equipped with a handy weekly schedule for cooking, recipe-writing, photo-taking, and blogging. Fighting fire with fire.


If you remember, one of the first things I made when I moved into my new house in Texas was a myriad of dips for our housewarming party. It’s a new year, now, yet somehow, the blog entries are the same.. Last night, we decided to have dinner at our place, then moved it to my roommate’s boyfriend’s fantastic house, and so, of course, I went all out with those dips: salsa roja, salsa verde, and my avocado tomatillo.. thing..


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You’re gonna be “green with envy” over this salsa verde.. ha! Ha ha! Ha..

But seriously. You wish you lived with me. If I were better about unpacking and cleaning, that is. But otherwise, you wish you lived with me.

We had a general housewarming/hooray Austin party last night that also conveniently celebrated one of my roommate’s birthdays. She’s particularly fond of salsa verde, and I’m particularly fond of making people like me without using my very charming personality, so I whipped up some of the stuff.

salsa verde

Let me just take a moment, however, to give up some praise. You there, Fiesta? It’s me. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for me. You may not have galangal or lemongrass, but you do have serranos that cost me $0.03 and what? You have palm sugar? I wish you had told me before I bought that massive jar of the little patties at the Asian Market, because we all know I won’t actually use them all in soup or curry, no. I’ll just end up watching I Dream of Jeanie and popping them in my mouth. It’s OK, Fiesta. I forgive you. But please, never lose faith. Onions for less than a quarter reaffirm my hope for humanity. All because of you, Fiesta.


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