sesame ginger noodles with lots of other stuff.

I don’t even know where to begin. A few years ago, I asked my chick friend to be my “date” to my academic program’s–which was more like a nerdy fraternity–semester formal. Bringing a guy when you’re in the middle of anything and everything with the gender makes it complicated, like starting to date someone at the beginning of February. What in the world do you do for Valentine’s Day? So, because of the Valentine’s Day dilemma of early relationships, I brought a chick friend, and my second favorite memory of the night is her eating my sesame ginger noodles and ranting and raving about how totally awesome they are. My number one favorite memory? Her, against all my good advice, eating a raw clove of garlic “just to see”, and then her crying and crying. I have photos as proof, a sort of permanent “I told you so.”


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